Monday, January 28, 2013

This weekend

I worked a birthday party at The Paperie with W. It was, in a word, fabulous.

Let me set the scene for you-think 'American Girl' theme party with a photo booth/'modeling shoot', props galore, 14 excited 9-year-olds, and a whole lot of scrapbooking supplies.

As expected their inhibitions never stood in the way of what they felt to be a masterpiece scrapbooking page. I started out with this page to scrapbook-


Yeah we misted. Yeah their all 8 & 9 years old. Let's just say that I'm lucky that I walked away with clean pants but they had an awesome time!

From the misting things got creative and honestly their creations turned out nothing like mine. They were given some pattern paper strips, some 3 by 4 pattern paper pieces, washi tape, a fabric flower and some gems and they went wild!

But I thought I'd share my page here anyways.

I used some old supplies including a pin and that fabric flower. I re-used the punched heart that was used for the masking with a number of different Mr. Huey's.


That's a very old friend of mine from way back in junior high/high school. She was married in August and I couldn't be happier for her. I love that wood veneer speech bubble!


And just to add a little something at the top to balance out the layout I used some flags made out of old scraps of pattern paper, a little 7 Gypsies date sticker and some gems.


It's a lovely & simple layout that only took me 20 minutes. Their layouts were pretty awesome too and no two looked the same!

I hope that C had an awesome birthday party- I know I had a great time working the party! C's got an awesome group of friends and I hope I'll see some of them again soon at some of The Paperie's kids classes.

So, happy birthday C! I hope you had an awesome party!



  1. ooo I love this layout. I pinned it for inspiration later on.

  2. how weird! i *just* finished a layout similar to yours! but i like yours better :p

  3. Sounds like an awesome fantastic party! I love the misitng and the speech bubble on your layout! x

  4. I love all your white space. I always intended to leave alot, but then my center scrapping seems to keep spreading out, lol