Friday, February 8, 2013

5 For Friday-KTOL

1. So last night I taught my first 'Keeping Track of Life' (Ktol) class of the year. I had a lot of fun and apparently other people did too-thank goodness. We made three 'pages' in three hours. Seriously I made them work pretty hard. We even got a little bit messy. Yes, you read that right.

2. We made an opening page for our album-essentially a 'where are you at in January 2012' page.


 Lots of layers here & bits and pieces.

IMG_2883 IMG_2882

3. Then we made a layout for January. The idea was that you create a layout for the month based on one special event. I chose Eugene's birthday.


This one is an interactive page where the photo section flips up to reveal journaling and more photos. It's a great way to include a ton of photos.


4. Then we filled in a page protector with all the random happenings during the month.

jansideA jansideB-1

Included my goals for January and a 'right now' post from the last day of the month as well as a flip card, my one little word for the year & a bunch of fun photos.


5. I'm pumped for the next class which happens to be March 14th- the Thursday before the KP event. So excited. I'll be posting sneak peeks here when I have some things started but keep an eye out for a pink/navy/yellow theme this coming month! Also follow me on instagram for more sneak peeks. My username is: krlewe.


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