Friday, May 17, 2013

5 For Friday

1. This week I downloaded the ifontmaker app. It's very neat. I made a few fonts- check out this one use code 3375- but I also found a few that I really liked. Check this one out. It's neat.

2. We've been watching an obscene amount of The Wire after discovering it on HBO on demand. We're on Season 4 and it is so good.

3. I got a haircut. A very necessary haircut. I don't color my hair so I find that I let it grow and grow for far too long. But, it's nice and refreshing to have a haircut!


4. Have I mentioned how much I love Elise Blaha and her blog? Yes, maybe a million times already. She had a post up this week about her 'mornings' and it just made me yearn for summer. I can't wait to maintain a more consistent morning schedule -my days are so random due to the nature of being a substitute teacher so I'm looking forward to a summer of consistent routine and I'm sure Eugene is too. He gets tugged around so often because sometimes it's a work day and sometimes it's not.

5. I pinned this pin on pinterest this week. They are technically little cards from Basic Grey's latest lines-hipster is my new fav- but I'm thinking of using them as posters in the scrapbooking room once it's painted. Add them to your PL folder for safe keeping!



  1. The poster from pinterest is great! I also love getting my is always a much needed boost! Yours looks great!

  2. Unpredictable schedules are tough!