Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dear Mini Albums...

I. Love. You.

Seriously?! What's not to love about a great mini-album? They are usually quick to make and packed full of photos. I've been wanting to try my hand at one of the Simple Stories albums that include 4 by 6 and 3 by 4 photos in their divided page protectors.

I got my chance recently when I realized that I had an obscene number of photos from our trip to NYC for American Thanksgiving.


We crammed a ton of activity into 5 days in Manhatten and her neighbouring Brooklyn and I wanted to capture all of that.

Enter: a Simple Stories binder and some divided page protectors.

I'm still finishing typing some journaling to include in the book to tell a few stories, but for the most part it's all done.

Today I wanted to give you a peek at it and share a little review as well.


So I loved:

-the size. Plenty big to create a little layout if need be but not so overwheleming you spent ages finishing a 'page'.
-the aspect of cramming tons of photos into it via the dividied page protectors. I used mostly the ones with two 4 by 6 photos and four 3 by 4 photos for my book.
-the album is sturdy and the fabric on the edge didn't fray at all-even with all the handling that I did shuffling it around while working on it.

I didn't particularly enjoy:

-the fact that the pockets weren't true to size. I had to tape my photos/paper back to back so that you couldn't see any of the 'white edge' from the photo sharing the pocket.
-the pages- both chipboard and paper- that came with my album were warped and as a result I chose not to use very many of them.
-two of the pockets that came with the album were weird shapes-two 4 by 4 photos and a long narrow strip as well. I wansn't so much into that.

The things I didn't enjoy were pretty trivial really. I would def use this album again. In fact, I have my next one planned I think.

Stay tuned for pictures of the inside of the album coming soon!



  1. Great tips for using a SNAP binder - i am using one for my "This is Me" album and also had warped dividers. I wondered if it was something about the way I used gesso and paint to cover them, but I guess not, if you had the same problem.

  2. Great info on the snap binder. I have one, but haven't attempted to use it yet.

  3. I used one of these for my DD last year. Loved it. Great size. And I ordered a pack of each of the page protectors so I could customize it. I have a couple of these and a bunch of extra pages so I can make my own each time.