Friday, August 30, 2013

5 For Friday

1. I'm on a mission to 'finish' decorating our dining room. Last week I decided that an extra chair that had been loitering in the corner was going to become a permanent fixture. But, it needed a little sprucing up. So I re-upholstered it with some remenants of fabric from a few other projects. Here's the before & after for you.

chair closeup

I also made a little cushion for it as well.

Still on my list: Recover the table chairs. Hang the Rob Ryan Plates I bought last week. Figure out another larger picture installation for the large wall. Finish creating a vignette on the china sideboard.

As always, it's a work in progress. 

2. So I also decided that this week would be a good time to take on a huge painting project. The scrapbooking room was painted a beautiful color-a deep blue- when we initially painted it upon moving in. However, it was a very dark color for a room with only one window. I have always been inspired by Ali's white walls in her scrapbooking/office rooms and so I wanted something light & bright but not sterile. So I went with a lovely light grey color that looks great with the cloud white moldings. I also changed up the layout a little. Look for that post coming soon!

3. I'm ashamed to admit this but I've been re-watching 'The Hills' this week. Yep. Turns out it's on Netflix & I'm a sucker for a series. It's even more ridiculous than when I watched it the first time around.

4. If you haven't heard, The Paperie is doing a big workshop on our own version of 'Week in the Life' next month along with Ali Edwards. Ali talked about WITL a little on her blog yesterday. You can read that post here! 

5. I'm been very inspired recently by Cathy Z's digital project life. I'm hoping to incorporate some digital features into my WITL album next month. Check out her latest blog post about PL here. 

Have a great weekend! It's a long weekend here in Canada for labor day. I'll be back on Tuesday!


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