Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Right Now: A Day Late...

...and a dollar short. Yep so this list was written on July 30 but I'll admit that it never got posted due to the lack of internet on our recent cruise. So, better late than never...


 listening: Songs of the summer-Blurred Lines by Robyn Thicke.
eating: Our faces off on this Disney Cruise.
drinking: Lots of water to rehydrate.
wearing: bikinis & coverups...& sunscreen.
feeling: Delighted to be here with all of our friends.
weather: Hot. Hot. Hot. LIke 46 degrees & sunny.
watching: For random Disney Character sightings.
reading: Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger.
waiting: to see the bride’s big dress tonight.
wanting: a few more days with our pals.
needing: My sunburned belly to disappear.
thinking: About Eugene and wondering how he’s doing at home without us.
enjoying: Spending time with our favorite friends on a sunny beach.
wondering: When our next vacation to the beach will be. Bahamas forever & always. 
wishing: My bestie Nicole an awesome 30th birthday tomorrow.


P.S: I'll be back to regularly scheduled program soon but for now we're enjoying adjusting back to real life! 

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