Thursday, October 24, 2013

PL Summer Album; Part 3

This is Part 3 of my Summer Album. You can view part 1 & 2 here & here.

This is part 3 a.k.a The Most Magical Part of Our Summer.

So we went on a disney cruise.

Very good friends of ours got married this summer on the Disney Dream. Our entire friendship circle packed up and set sail for 4 days at sea with Mickey & Minnie.


We brought reinforcements. And then our friends ran up and down the stairs past this photo. Said reinforcements were not involved.


Chillin'. Also the kids area was a little different from the adult area. We stuck to the adult area.


We met a few characters. Ya know, just laying around tanning and then Mickey decided to lay down on the lounger beside me.


And then we had a wedding. It was lovely.


And we hung out on the prettiest beach ever. And saw sharks, sting rays & fishes. No joke. There was a baby shark. M refused to go back in the H2O.


Pictures with the bridal party & the fam. Such a handsome group of boys.


And then there were fireworks. We celebrated N's birthday the day we got off the ship at a great spot in Orlando together. It was yummy.


And we found tacos & went to Wet & Wild the next day with B-rock. When in rome right?!

And that's it for our summer album. It was an E.P.I.C summer.


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