Monday, March 24, 2014

This Town

The weather around here has been cold and dreary. Dude I am so ready for Spring.

I'm actually ready for summer-or at least summer weather. So, I'm reliving our trip to Vegas in november when it was 25 during the day and a balmy 15 at night. Those were some lovely days.


I took my friend Rae Lynn's advice on this layout and used up a project life card for my title. It's a great way to use leftover or favourite cards on layouts. They aren't just great for PL spreads. Check out her class at The Paperie this month for using PL cards in layouts!

Now, onto the layout. The title card is obviously a reference to Frank Sinatra's 'This Town'. I do love that song. And it's Vegas personified in my opinion. Also, it was featured in ocean's & we know how I feel about those movies.


Just a simple layout with some leftover pics that didn't make it into my travel album.  I realized I made a mistake and put 'Eataly' on the card with the Olive Oil Gelato from Otto. Oops. Mario Batali just has so many restaurants going on. Maybe he should open up an Eataly there too!? Have to fix that little flub I guess.

I'm hoping to share the travel album next week with some tips on using project life products & project life-style spreads for travel albums.


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