Wednesday, February 3, 2010

They're here!

My pictures came. There's a positive note and a negative note to this 'appearance' though.

Positive: They look great! The colours and quality of the prints is awesome!
Negative: They took forever to get here. I ordered them on the 15th and they didn't come until today! That's a longggggg time to wait for pictures.

So I have to do one thing next time-I have to order LOTS of pictures (makes the shipping cheaper too!). That way i'll have tons of photos to scrap with and more on the way.

Also, I happened to notice that the photos I developed from Nate, our wedding photographer, are way more amazing than the ones I've taken with my point and shoot. Matthew says that means I need a new camera...maybe one day. Right now there are other priorities...

So on a scrappy note-cosmo cricket had a sketch challenge over on their blog recently. I created a layout based on it using some wedding photos. THAT page was the inspiration for my wall of wedding photos actually. Here's the sketch and the creation.

I never submitted it but there's a new one up on the blog that I may create something for on the weekend. I am creating all day Saturday at my LSS. I'll probably have lots to share then.

One more thing i'm working on is my wedding photo collage. I plan to do a 30*30 canvas ofblack and white 3*4 pics with a few 4*6 colour pictures popping off in certain places. It's hard to describe but I do have a vision. The idea was inspired by an art piece I saw at a restaurant around the block from my house. I saw it in October and haven't had a chance to develop photos until now. I only recently got the wedding photos.

Happy crafting!


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