Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Update

Here are the highlights:

Note: Five for Friday did not appear last week as I was headed out of town with M. Here's the 'weekend update' instead.

1. Bailed on 'LOAD' on Thursday, October 15th. I knew it was all going downhill when I had to do a digital layout on Wednesday night. New goal: 31 projects in October. So far I have 13 done.

2. Had the greatest weekend with M. Our road trip to Syracuse was AMAZING! We had so much fun. Look for a weekend in photos coming soon.

3. Made these tonight for dinner. Do you like waffles? Yes, I like waffles!


4. Bought supplies for my December Daily album at 'We B Scrappin' in Cicero. Their name cracks me up!

5. Reading Water for Elephants. LOVE it! Note: this also makes "serious book" number 13 for the year.

Bonus: Modern Family is an awesome show. Favourite quote this week was when Claire tells the audience/camera: "I was laughing with my mouth but not my eyes" when referring to Phil's jokes. So funny!


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