Saturday, April 30, 2011

What's your style?

This week I read an interesting article over at Write. Click. Scrapbook. The title of the article was “Inspiration: Embrace your signature style”. Each designer described their own ‘signature style’. So that got me thinking, what is MY signature style?

And the truth is I’m not really sure what my signature style is. I do know what it’s not-it’s not shabby chic or grungy. It generally doesn’t involve a lot of layers. It’s not minimal either though. So, why is it so hard to define my own scrapbooking style? I know can define my fashion style so why not scrapbooking?

In an effort to figure out my style I took a little tour of my scrapbooks and tried to identify some consistent themes from layouts and thus, find my ‘signature style’.

Here’s what I noticed: I almost always use 12 by 12 paper. I love mini albums too. Most of my layouts are multi-photo. I tend to use lots of color. I usually use more than one pattern paper, and I'm not afraid of a pattern paper background. I love a good double pager. Photos usually flow across or down my layouts. I love a variety of photo sizes, specifically 2 by 3 and 3 by 4 to cram more pics onto the layout. I am a minimalist when it comes to journaling. My layouts are usually very linear.


I suppose as long as you like your pages it really doesn’t matter what your style is. So, I’ll be content with my scrapbooking so long as I LIKE how it turns out. I do know that having a look back at your work is a great idea because it’s an opportunity to challenge yourself and improve on your craft. So, here’s a few goals that came out of my research:

-improve on my ‘minimal journaling’: you’ll notice that in many of my recent latest layouts there’s a ‘story’ there that goes along with the pictures. I've been trying to improve on this one for a while now but sometimes I just love to play with the product and then there's little room left for journaling.

-create some 81/2 by 11 pages: this one’s hard for me because I love a square paper no matter the size!

-use stamps more: each month Studio Calico sends out beautiful stamps in their kits and I feel like I could be using those better!

That being said I'll leave you with a photo of what I'm working on right now!


Selpy+Maya Road Mini Album+tiny iphone photos=awesome Montreal Mini!



  1. Great goals! I've heard great things about Studio Calico's stamps.

  2. yes using SC stamps is the way to go its how i got into stamping again

    can i ask what kind of printer that is, and does it print small size?

  3. I love looking at your work, it always makes me want to go play too :)

  4. Just a thought on the journaling, what I do is journal FIRST. I'll take a stack of pictures, organized into layouts, down to the computer, and do journaling for a few layouts at a time. If I'm not distracted by other stuff and can really focus on the words, it comes much easier for me. Then when I'm ready to do the layout, I treat the journaling like any other element I want to use -- so I find room for it! Oh, and I love all of your layouts, very much my style!