Saturday, April 14, 2012

DIY: A New living Room Chair

So this week's DIY was actually done late last week but what the heck right?! We'll post it anyways.

I bought this chair at our local thrift store for $7. It was a bargain. It had a nice large seat and it seemed to have some presence. It was sitting all by it's lonesome with some nasty stained fabric on it's seat cushion.


After a trip to my local fabric shop I found a lovely purpley-grey houndstooth fabric for the expensive price of $3.00. Score.


A new chair for $10. LOVE it.

So I sanded this beauty with my rotary sander. Then I primed her with my favorite primer Zinsser. But I noticed on Centsational girl this week that she primes using a gun-like mechanism and a spray can. I've been using the quart of paint and a brush which takes a while to do anything kinda large. So I might try using that for my next project. Ironically enough she also posted about a DIY with a chair.

While I waited for the primer to dry I used the fabric to cover the seat-twice. The first time I discovered a stain on the piece that I had stapled. That required some serious pulling of staples to get it off and in decent shape. The second time around did the trick and covered the discusing, stainged fabric. I just put this on on right over it.

Then I painted the chair with the same Cloud White by Benjamin Moore that everything else in the house is painted with, giving it two coats for good measure.


I attached the seat after it was all dry.

It's currently sitting in this spot in the living room.


Just goes to show that you can alter anything to suit your tastes with a little paint and some fabric huh?! Love it.



  1. Looks so nice and fresh! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh, SUPER cute! I have a WHOLE BUNCH of chairs I need to DIY right now. Six in the dining room (fabric already purchased... :-D ) and then 3 other random chairs. Some day... LOL. ;-)

  3. That is beautiful! I have some chairs that desperately need a makeover. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. wow! love your makeover. great color choices!

  5. Nothing like a great thrift store find! Love the lines of that chair - you did an amazing paint job.