Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WITL: Monday

I made it through the first day. Not that I had any doubt that I would or anything. I've done this project before but you never know how motivation will manifest itself when you start something like this!

I used my iphone A LOT. I was trying to use my DSLR but frankly, it just wasn't on hand for some of the daily activities I did today.

I haven't worked on my album yet-going to complete something towards the end of the week. I've decided on a 12 by 12 format. A large main page-probably a full page photo & then a collage on the opposite page that's 9 by 12 with a long section for journaling. I plan on sewing the page protector to fit the collage and then slipping the journaling into the side. Unfortunately, I have to print my photos on 11 by 14 paper. Boo! There's nowhere in my area that does 12 by 12 printing. I'll make it all work with photo shop though. 

The album isn't in progress yet but I thought I'd share some of my favorite shots of yesterday. This will also give you a general idea of what the layouts will look like. I'll be adding bits and pieces to it of course once I print the photos.

Main page:


A shot of me & Eugene that M took when he was home for lunch. When I'm not working I can be found playing with Eugene.

Collage page:


1. M before leaving for work 2. Hanging with Eugene & watching morning news. 3. Getting ready to run some errands. Puppies love socks. 4. Home Depot-supplies to finish the backyard space. 6. Tutoring some new students-they were showing off their piano skills! 6. Chasing leaves-a fav past time of Euge's. 7. A surprise dinner of Fish & Chips from my husband who was too tired to cook. ;) Gotta love when that happens. 8. Giving Eugene his first bath. 9. Chilling with a new chew toy before bedtime.

And that was Monday.



  1. Fun photos! I admire all of you gals doing the PL as I know I would not stick to it! Great work!

  2. Love it! And as I'm in your area and have a 13x19 printer, we could probably work something out for your pics! :)

  3. Love your pics! Your format looks fun too!

  4. I know I would never keep up with project Life. I am still working on a month-month mini from two years ago. Fun pics!

  5. Love how you used the digital element! I'm a huge fan of large photos paired with small block of photos on the opposite page. This is going to look awesome:)