Monday, April 1, 2013

Right Now


I'm a day late. It was Easter. What can I say? Also, this photo has nothing to do with the post but I hate posts without pics so you get my little Easter bunny today.

listening: the 20/20 Experience by the one and only JT. Obsessed.
eating: Many, many mini eggs.
drinking: more water
wearing:  A new shirt covered in little terriers. Mint jeans. Channeling my inner spring.
feeling: Well rested and relaxed. We spent the weekend doing very little and watching a lot of nothing.
weather: Yesterday it was snowing. Today it's sunny but cold. I'm over winter. bring on spring.
watching: Girls. Veep. The Walking Dead. Game of Thrones.
reading: The Twelve Tribes of Hattie.
waiting: For the motivation to clean up my craft room.
wanting: Clear roads. No snow. Spring sunshine.
needing: Some new recipes. We've got to change it up around here.
thinking: About the kids class I'm teaching this Thursday at The Paperie.
enjoying: A little vacation time.  
wondering: What I'm going to wear to Fake Prom this coming weekend!
wishing: Still want a beach vacation folks.

*This is part of my 'Keeping Track of Life' series for The Paperie where we chorincle a list of things on the last day of every month.  


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  1. Krista! We're going to FAKE PROM too!!!! Can't wait! See you there lady.