Tuesday, April 16, 2013

So here's the thing...

...I took a class this past weekend. My awesome friend Cathie Reed taught it and I learned so much. Like, sooooooo much.


It was entitled '7 Layer Layouts' and boy did we cram a lot of techinques into those two layouts. Here they are-just a few pictures, just the techniques for now.

*Adding Dylusions to the misted/gel medium-ed paper. So far outside my comfort zone here.

*After the dylusions was all added and magnificently misted...

*No pictures yet but this is layout #1 after all the techniques were done.

*Layout #2. Again no pics yet just techniques. 

Art journling has been everywhere lately-all my friends have hopped on the 'art journaling train', Michelle Wooderson posted a blog post this week about joining the art journaling trend. And like a good little student I did a little research before going to the class and looked up Dina Wakley, Ronda Palazzari & Dyan Reavely-women who's names I've heard that are synonymous with the art journaling world-and was suprized to discover how bright and colorful their work is.

So, here's the thing-I never liked all that 'technique-y' stuff before because I always associated it with Tim Holtz who's style is about as far from my own as I can probably find. All that grunge and darkness-it's far too bleak for me. And I always thought art journaling was more of the same. Turns out I was so wrong.

But, here's the other thing- I don't really have the money or the time to invest in something new like art journaling. There's so much supplies and it's overwhelming honestly. The furthest I went on Saturday was buying a paintbrush. Seriously.

But that other part of me tells me that I love the look of it and I honestly would use it as a 'journal' of sorts to be truthful. I'm not sure how much sharing I would do, but playing today was a lot of fun.

It also helped that Cathie brought me latex gloves. Yes, latex gloves. And yes, I'm a baby and I don't really like to get my hands dirty. It's annoying. So much time washing hands and then they're all dry and you can never get it all out of your nail beds. I'm a self-proclaimed wuss.

So Cathie-and all of my other friends- who were shocked to see me Saturday morning at class I've got another shocker for you...I REALLY liked it. I felt that it was thoughtful and relaxing. I don't know how many scrapbooking layouts I would do with it-only because it's annoying to wait for it to dry or get out the heat gun every 5 minutes-but it was a lot of fun. And I can certainly see the appeal.

And so, I think I'm a convert. I'm not sure how I'm going to work it in to my finances or my schedule but it might make an appearance here and there.

I'll keep you posted.



  1. Art Journal club!

    (I cannot read captcha's - it's taking me five minutes to comment because I'm half blind).

  2. WAAAHOOOOO! A convert! Thanks so much for the lovely comments about my class and for sharing your pages. I'm so glad you had fun. And worry not about expenses - there are a million ways around spending a fortune - though you might not know from looking at my stash. hahaha!

  3. You have a lot of what you already need to get started - that's the beauty of mixed media and art journaling, use what you have!

  4. I had to laugh reading about how you don't like to get your hands dirty....right there with you! Art journaling has never really called my name but your pages are super inspiring. Thanks for sharing, makes me want to look into it!

  5. Yay! Art journal/mixed media nights look out! Awesome job krista!