Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Summer Summer!

It's almost here. Only a few days of school left around these parts.


So I'm jumping on the band wagon with Ali & Becky Higgins and creating a Summer Manifesto or a Summer Bucket List. Check out their posts in the links.

My main goal this summer is to spend less time on social media-blogging, tweeting, pinning and lurking on Facebook. I’ve become addicted to social media-especially Pinterest- lately and as a result I find that time is simply eaten away and that’s time I could be doing something productive. So this year my Summer Manifesto is two-fold- get out and do stuff and spend less time at the computer.

1. Road trip to Ferryland for another Lighthouse picnic.
2. Do at least 3 East Coast trail hikes!
3. Eat ice cream from an ice cream truck.
4. Visit a waterpark.
5. Run in the great outdoors.
6. Scrapbook more. Take down a few of those kits.
7. See a sunset.
8. Go swimming at La Manche park & 3 Pond Barron.
9. Make doggie dates with our friends.
10. Eat on a patio.
11. See at least 2 summer blockbusters.
12. Take Eugene on his first out-of-province trip.
13. See some live music.
14. Visit the spa.
15. Have a girls night- maybe a few!
16. Make the patio 'liveable'!
17. Send summer mail!
18. Do yoga in the park.
19. Do lunch (es).
20. See an afternoon movie.
21. Make ice cream sandwiches.
22. Make smores.
23. Have an outdoor movie night.
24. Visit garage sales.
25. Go to Salmon Cove Sands.

We are really looking forward to summer around here & we're hoping the weather cooperates the way it did last year!

Here we come summer!



  1. Great list! Salmon Cove Sands is where I got married, right on the beach! Ask me for cabin keys before you go! :) And I didn't see sailing on that list....

  2. Awesome list! I can help you with 1,3,6,15,19,20,21,& 22!