Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Link!

Good evening! I wanted to blog tonight but you'll have to forgive me for the lack of pictures. It's been a crazy week here in our house. Matthew ran off to Newfoundland and I had parent teacher interviews tonight and a surprise field-trip to get ready for tomorrow morning. But, all that said I have been added to the link on The Scrapbox blog and I wanted to welcome everyone who may have hopped over from Jenn's blog. So nice to meet you in cyberspace!

Yesterday was March 1st and a New Year's resolution of mine was to do LOAD (Layout A Day) for the month of March. Now most people do this in February when there's less days to keep up with but I prefer March because I have a two week break coming on Friday. Now, there's some holy scrapping time! I do have a lot of M.Ed work to do-papers to write, etc. -but I will be doing a lot of scrapbooking too!

I did make a layout last night while watching the finale of The Bachelor (it was lame!). However, due to interviews tonight I have not transferred it to the computer just yet. So maybe tomorrow? I have a page to get to tonight! Have a totally titilating Tuesday night!


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  1. Hi Krista!
    OK! Now we have 2 guilty pleasures in common : Cadbury mini Easter eggs (who can resist? Not me!) and the Bachelor... Was it ever lame! Why do we watch it, may I ask? Vienna? Tears so many tears... and (as usual)the most dramatic finale ever!!!! But I keep watching it...
    XXXLoulou (from the Scrapbox)