Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today was a Fairytale...

Well not really! It started out crappy but it got WAY better as the day progressed. My husband is wonderful and sent me some flowers today at work. I blushed to the tips of my hair as they were delivered in front of my whole class of students. But, I was happily embarrassed. I LOVe it when he surprises me!

Tonight I went to see the movie Valentine's Day. It was super cute and Taylor Swift was in it-a favourite singer of mine. She was a total airhead but it was cute. It was wonderful movie and a great way to spend my evening. I walked away singing the song Taylor wrote for the movie called "Today was a Fairytale"...LOVE it!

Flowers and a sappy movie. A great day-even if i had to tell my husband I loved him via phone as opposed to in person. Two sleeps and he'll be back. I can't wait!

Planning on scrapbooking a lot in the next two weeks. I have March Break and a ton of new Dear Lizzy product and Studio Calico to still get through. LOVE it!


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