Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm still alive....

I’ve been a bad blogger this last few weeks. No bother. I don’t even have a great excuse because I’ve been on March Break for almost two weeks now. So I have lots to tell you and even more to show you.

I’ve been busy writing papers for my Masters course and spring cleaning. It’s that time of year! I cleaned out some closets and the pantry-which was long overdue. How many re-useable bags do you have? I have about a million...and I never seem to remember to take them with me when I get groceries...what’s that about?

In the Fall I saw a beautiful canvas and on a fluke met the artist while admiring it with some friends. It was a combination of pictures on a huge canvas. 30 square inches. It inspired me to create a similar canvas of our wedding photos. The small photos are 3*4 black and whites and there are three color photos 4*6 ‘popping’ out. It’s currently residing at the top of our stairs so everyone can see it when they come in. I LOVE it! It turned out AWESOME I think.

There’s been some scrapping here on the homefront. Friday I spent most of the day using up the what was left of my Baker’s Dozen kit from Studio Calico. I’ve made about 10 layouts with the main kit which I think is pretty awesome. It seems there’s always a new combination to be created each time I start another page. I am loving this kit.

These are the pages I made. Some are simple, some are not. But, I have to admit my favorite is the “Today was a Fairytale” layout. It’s beautiful. Those pics are some flowers that M had delivered to me at school was he was home visiting family. Gotta LOVE great husbands.

So what was even more exciting was when M came home I met him at the top of the stairs and he had a NEW Studio Calico box in his hands! I squealed with delight. More beautiful goodness. I have plans for Quilting Bee. It’s going to be wonderful!

What’s even better is some new pictures showed up from They are lovely but this whole ‘waiting for the pictures to come’ is a bother. I’ve checked out Black’s and am going to try their system and see if the quality is any good.

That’s it for now.



p.s: can't figure out the font issues here...have to do for now.

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