Friday, March 19, 2010

5 For Fridays

1. I am teaching a mini-album course at school in the next month. The focus is March Break. I opened the class up for a group of 8. I got 17-so I ended up doing two classes and consequently two albums. One for boys and one for girls. The class should be fun. I’m looking forward to it but I still have a lot of prep work to do to get ready. Pictures to follow in another post as I haven’t uploaded them to the computer yet.

2. I had some photos developed at Black’s this morning. Despite the fact that you can’t do mini-prints of 3*4’s and you can’t do more than one mini-print of 2*3’s at a time, the quality is good. The price is steep for single prints-$0.39. But, if you buy a processing card for $49.99 you can get 250 photos developed making the cost of the prints much more affordable. I think this is a great alternative to waiting almost three weeks for photos from

3. I went to my LSS today for an 11 hour crop. I left after only 5. I wasn’t feeling it. And there’s no point in pushing yourself to be creative. This is the kind of hobby where I shouldn’t have to force myself to DO anything. I think i’m just tired. When the juices start flowing agin i’ll have more pictures. (p.s: I did manage to get 5 double-page layouts done...)

4. I’m reading “Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett at the moment. It’s good but looooong. Almost 1000 pages. Really it should have been broken into a duo or a trilogy series. There’s enough for at least two if not three books! I’m at page 877...almost there.

5. I'm super excited about the Sketchbook class that Kelly Purkey is doing at the end of March. She’s incorporating the design team at Studio Calico to do layouts. I’ve entered a million blog contests to win a spot-if I don’t get one i’ll probably just sign up for it anyway.

Bonus: I have a wedding tomorrow. Our friends Mark and Marie-Rose are getting married. I created their guestbook and a giant canvas of their seating chart. I’ve been hesitating putting pictures up because I want it to be a surprise for them. I’ll post some pictures on Sunday.

Have a happy weekend.



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