Friday, August 27, 2010

Gossip Girl & Scrapbooking

So i've been up to my eyes in scrapbooking supplies, namely Studio Calico kits, and it's felt so very good. With the season 3 of Gossip Girl as the soundtrack of my life for the last three days i've been hunkered down at the table working on some layouts with camp pictures.

This one is inspired by a class I took a while ago with Kelly Purkey. It was based on a sketch. I really liked the misting so I mimicked that in my layout.
This one was also based on a sketch from that same class. I love, love love, this photo. It's the first one we took as a group and I love the high school musical pose more than anything. I have a number of these photos from the summer. They might end up on a layout together yet.
This was a photo I stole form the website. Matthew checks the website every day and he was starting to feel like a creepy. old man because he hadn't seen any photos of me in a while. So in crazy wigs, headbands and on our transportation of choice a.k.a the golf cart we gave him a little shout out via the web! It was very funny!
In other news, I took a photography course yesterday-part 2 of a series I had signed up for at Henry's. It was very enlightening and I was the only one in the class so it was like a private lesson. I learned some great tricks to use for last nights last Crippler's show. Pictures to follow. Needless to say, he convinced me to shot in raw and turns out it really does make a difference. Working a little with photoshop now to perfect the photos...gotta go eat lunch and scrapbooking some more.