Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yearly Goals-An Update

So in January I made some goals for myself. A lofty 12 goals appeared here on my blog and I thought the Fall would be a great time to update everyone on my progress. It's also a good way to keep me honest and get moving on those that haven't been accomplished yet.

So these are the goals I've managed to meet:

Create and maintain a blog. I took a short hiatus there for the summer but i've been okay at the blogging thing. I would like to make myself a schedule to blog three times a week. I read a great post on blogging recently on the Pioneer Woman's blog. (She's amazing by the way if you haven't checked her out yet!)

Run a 1/2 marathon. DONE. Matthew & I trained our butts off this past spring and managed to complete our half marathon in May in under 2:30 which I was pleased as punch about. We took a break over the summer and are gearing up for some fall runs now.

Complete Ali Edwards course I started last September. I'm happy to say what has been a work in progress is done. It was eye-opening for me to recognize that I have a very hard time keeping up with online scrapbooking classes.

Learn to sew. This was so exciting for me. It was an addition to my crafty repertoire. I took a private leason at Yarn Forward Sew On here in Ottawa and it was awesome. Then I made a one night.

Take a photography course. This was also awesome. I took two courses-part 1 & 2 of the Rebel series at Henry's. The first course was good but the second was awesome. I was the only one in the class so had a private lesson.

Make a creative submission. I did submit to Scrapbook & Cards Today in March. I haven't heard anything since. I'm not really expecting to either. Maybe one day...

Save enough money to look for a home of our own...maybe. Well we're on our way but not willing to commit to anything in Ottawa just yet so i'm considering this one DONE.

Be halfway through my M.Ed. Courses 5 & 6 started on Tuesday. All I can say is it's going to be a busy fall people.

Still in progress:

Attack Technology aka irun, Macbook & smartboard. I've discovered some seriously cool stuff but there's still room for a little more before I can say i'm finished with this goal.

Do a layout a day. Yeah that's never happened in March. It felt too 'necessary' or something. So i'm not sure this is going to get done.

Conquer photo shop. I've made it through a number of Scott Kelby's chapters.

Read 12 serious books. I've got 11 read. Last one is on the night stand/in the gym bag.

It's very satisfying looking at the progress you've made in 10 short months. Encouraging even. I hope I haven't bored you to death yet...if you've made it this far I feel you should be rewarded with a photo. So here's a sweaty photo of me post-race in May. Enjoy.




  1. Congratulations on all your successes. Hopefully one of the technologies you got to play with was the Smartboard. We have two in our school (one is in my class - woohoo lol) and they are amazing!

  2. Thanks! And yes, the smartboard is amazing!

  3. YOU DID A HALF MARATHON!!!!!!!!!!! WOW WOW WOW Huge congrats and major clapping going on here! congrats on the rest of your goals too :)

  4. I did! Congrats on your recent foray into running as well! I've been following your progress. Good on you! Congrats babe!