Monday, September 20, 2010

Want to know a secret?!

I haven't finished my 'week in the life' album yet. I took pictures in May for a week. I don't remember most of what's going on in those photos. I think that was the whole point. So now it's become a 'week in the life' layout as opposed to a 'week in the life' album. I let it go. It's not getting done. I'd rather live in the here and now. I find if I let it go too long I don't want to scrap those photos because i'm on to something more recent that means more to me now.

I also have two boxes of photos from Black's waiting to be scraped. Some are left overs from my recent mini-albums which will make their way into a large two-page spread I imagine. I love a good collage from one event like camp or Bermuda. Others are enlargements which will inevitably grace my hallway with their presence on my scrapbooking rod when finished.

Then maybe i'll work on that 'week in the life' album. In theory it's a good idea but I guess I got side-tracked this year...opps.


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