Friday, October 8, 2010

5 For Friday

1. Ali has her first December Daily post up on her projects blog. I am beyond pumped to begin making mine. While I like her new format-every page the same size-I think I'll stick with the different size/texture pages. However, I might be snapping up some of those digital downloads. They look CUTE! More on this album as it develops.

alis album

2. I have a new obsession. One word: Ruche. It's a new site I discovered via Liz K.'s blog. They have adorable fashions for reasonable prices. I have a few things on my wish list including this to replace last year's love necklace.


Bought in honour of the summer of 'love' (a.k.a I got married) I've been wearing it constantly. It's getting a little rusty and I've already replaced the chain once.

3. I saw Life As We Know It tonight. Bring tissues if you plan on seeing it. It was a good chick flick. I love anything with Katherine Heigl in it. I own 27 Dresses and The Ugly Truth.

4. I picked out paper for my Christmas cards. Snowmen are the theme this year. They are going to be simple but cute.


5. I bought cookies & cream hershey kisses tonight. Enough said. ;)

Coming tomorrow: I have a whole bunch of layouts to show you. Scrapbook layouts do not photograph well at night.


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