Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Turning 50

This is my 50th post. Well it took me long enough right?! LOAD is going well so far. I have day 4 and 5 for you to see today.

Day 4 is a simple card I made in about 5-10 minutes out of scraps from a previous layout. On my way to bed the other night I literally threw this thing together. It's cute with a little leftover picture I had from the mini-album I made on Sunday. It'll probably cross the boarder to one of my favourite people Daniela, my partner in crime, sometime this weekend. She lives too far away in South Carolina but skype is our best friend!


Day 5 is a little layout I made from more of those leftover photos. I love the cute little clouds and the saying going through the middle. I also did a fair amount of journaling on this layout which I gave myself a pat on the back for.


I've been able to scrapbook 5 days running. That's awesome as far as i'm concerned. Part of LOAD is also uploading your projects each day. That's so not going to happen. Every second or third day will be enough for me.

In other news, I am so excited for this post from Ali Edwards. That picture at the top means that December Daily is on it's way. I cant wait! I'm not sure if I was this excited for the season last year but for some reason I can't wait for it all to begin this year. I am already packing my December calendar full for those scrapbooking pages. What's more is I may have two new-to-scrapbooking friends joining me for December Daily 2010 this year. I am very excited about that. I love enabling people with my hobbies.

I'm going to start gathering my materials this weekend. I love to dig through my supplies and add to that Christmas pile. I need to make a list of what I need in order to do a little shopping too. If you've never thought about doing a December Daily you really should give it a go. It's so fun to look back at years gone past and it's a great way to chronicle your holiday season.


P.S: one of my best friend's gave me great news tonight! She is moving to my city! I am so excited. She's even shown some interest in scrapbooking-and another one bites the dust! ;)

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