Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend In Photos

M & I had an awesome time in Syracuse this past weekend. I've always wanted to see a college football game so he bought tickets back in September for the Syracuse Orangemen vs. Pittsburgh Panthers on Saturday afternoon.

Our road trip started Friday afternoon with a 3 hour drive to the mall for some shopping and then a pit stop at HEID'S. M is obsessed with Man vs. Food on the travel channel (outdoor life in Canada). He found out that this place was on one of the episodes and had to go and have a few of the hot dogs. It's a little, old, drive-in diner that's specializes in crazy hotdogs. We went, we saw, we ate.


We usually stay at the Comfort Inn in Carrier Circle and this trip was no exception. Except when we got in our room we found this...


Which was pretty hilarious! Seriously?! A jacuzzi in our room...So funny! Ahhh romantic Syracuse!

Saturday being game day and all meant we had to go to the university pretty early to check it all out. I was totally jealous! I wish I had gone to an American college. It was homecoming weekend and it was AWESOME!






Note: I have no idea who those guys are but I wanted to show you the mascot-he's an orange.

There were cheerleaders, a big marching band, lots of snacks, almost a fight in front of us and it was lots of fun despite the fact that Syracuse got creamed 45-7.

After the game we went to the scrapbooking store and the outlets where M discovered his love for J Crew. He had never been to their outlet stores.


Then yesterday we went to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse. Who knew Syracuse had a zoo? The best exhibit was the elephants. They even did tricks!


Then after a long drive home-and one detour through Watertown for lunch-we made it back in time to catch up on some t.v and eat waffles for dinner.


All in all it was a pretty awesome weekend! I hope you had a great one too!


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