Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Zen Art of Scrapbooking

So while listening to the "Paperclipping Roundtable" I listened to some of the participants ideas and made some decisions.

1. This weekend I am going to stop worrying about catching up-I don't normally look at scrapbooking like that anyway but lately I've been feeling pressure to get a bunch of projects done. It's not like there's a due date for them or anything...
2. I'm just going to pick the pictures I'm totally inspired by in the moment and scrap them-and take my time telling the story and focusing on the words.
3. All this talk about 'not being chronological' makes me realize it's never too early to make some Christmas cards.

*I have to get some pics developed before school
*I am getting Starbucks on the way to work-Peppermint Hot Chocolate here I come!
*I am going to wear my new boots
*I am going to (attempt) to finish our kids autobiography scrapbook-only the cover page left!
*is pizza day at school which means I don't have to make a lunch
*'breaking out' spirit week at school-Survivor Theme!


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  1. Peppermint hot choc!! didn't know about that:) have a great Friday!