Saturday, November 20, 2010

5 For Friday

1. It's out. HARRY POTTER that is. I am beyond pumped. I am going to see it this weekend. I am a big HP fan. Read the last book (only two years ago-shhhhh don't tell anyone it took that long for me to read it!). I. AM. SO. EXCITED.


2. Studio Calico's December release is amazing and the add-on's are super affordable too. I'm loving all the sneak peeks so far!

3. I scrapbooked tonight. I've been missing it all week. As I walk by my table I run my fingers over the wood and yearn to cut pretty papers. So tonight I did. I took a break and I played. My layouts are very different than usual. Not sure what vibe I was channeling...waiting until tomorrow to photograph and post.

4. I bought some cozy socks for wearing around the house. I love them. I got them at Chapters-go figure...They are red and perfect for the winter (Christmas + Valentine's!). They also look like red, wooly boots with leggings. Super cute for around-the-house-wear.


5. Saw 'The Johnnies' play tonight. They were AMAZING!!! I have no great photos though. A small clutch does not a great bag make for toting decent cameras. Here's the cute poster though that's all over Centretown.


In other news, these saved my sanity this week.


Yes, those are candy cane Hershey Kisses. God bless Mr. Hershey. I love this deliciousness. I would never have made it through this week's work load with them. Get some. Eat them. They are AWESOME.


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