Friday, November 26, 2010

5 For Friday

1. Tomorrow night I am hosting my very first crop. A few fellow scrapbooking friends are coming over to scrapbook December Daily tomorrow evening. I am pumped. I have treats and a stack of photos developed for the occasion.

2. I watched Eat Love Pray. I wasn't a fan of the book. The movie wasn't the greatest either. I'm glad I watched it but I didn't LOVE it. It seemed just a little too self-indulgent and she was a pretty consistent Debbie downer in the movie.

3. Today was Black Friday in America but a number of stores celebrated here in Canada too. I bought the cutest blue dress at Urban Outfitters and got a steal. It was regular $78.00, on sale for $29.99. But, when I got to the cash it rang up as $9.99. The cashier and I high-fived! What a great deal.

Speaking of deals- Studio Calico has black Friday sales on until midnight. I picked up a few things early this morning. There's still a few things left if you hurry.

4. I got my postage stamp punch in the mail. It is super cute and I've used it on a couple layouts so far. I LOVE it.

5. I'm starting my Christmas decorating this weekend. I bought a wreath today in the market but I haven't hauled any decorations out yet. M is not happy about it but he doesn't get a say in it. Thanksgiving is over-for both the Americans and the Canadians. Christmas is upon. Deal with it.


P.S: there's been some serious scrapbooking happening here in the last few days. Layouts to come.

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