Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sometimes going back...

...is a great way to see how far you've come.

While I was home last weekend I dug out some old scrapbooks and pictures form my childhood closet. I love going back to look at old layouts because it just goes to show that we all start from somewhere. Today I laugh about my lack of skills back then but I know that I've improved if only by looking at current layouts.

My journey into scrapbooking started after my first summer at camp. Inspired to chronicle all my memories of the summer of my life, I bought a black album, some gel pens and some crazy scissors and got to work. I cut, glued and wrote. Now that album looks nerdy but I know it was my first journey into this world and for that I am thankful.


I also love this photo because it's hilarious! Even today there two ladies are people I have kept in my life after 9 summers. I love them to pieces!

Of course, I found a few more albums tucked away. This week the CK dream team was announced and scrapbookers have been posting their 'first published' works. I haven't been published (truthfully I never send anything in ;)) but I thought I would post some oldies here. Circa 'Camp 2006'-I think at this point I had just discovered stores like 'Michaels'.



Of course looking at all these photos made me wax nostalgic of a period of time gone by. At one time the girls and I all spent the summer at camp. Her are some shots I found of us from 2006...It seems like just yesterday.




There's a little flashback from my scrapbooking past.