Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend in Photos

This weekend I :

*ran a handful of errands
*shopped for scrapbooking supplies with a friend
*started and completed my December Daily
*ate 3 yummy meals with M
*baked a Chocolate cake with fudge pecan frosting
*did 5 hours of M.Ed work
*listened to Taylor Swifts new album 'Speak Now' a million times
*cleaned my house
*finished my Christmas cards
*watched 4 Harry Potter movies (mostly in the background of scrapbooking)
*visited my neighbour and made a date for Friday night

I consider that a productive weekend.

Here's a few pictures.

December Daily: done.

Tis' the season at Starbucks. Warning: the Cranberry Bliss bar has changed. The crust is now a blondie/brownie instead of a shortbread.

Dinner with my husband: reqired more than sweats. Broke out the boots and a new ruffle top. Excuse the mess in the background.

Matthew's appetizer: mussels in a creole sauce.

Mine: crab cakes in a red pepper cream sauce.

Yes, they were as delicious as they sound.

Inspired by our delicious Saturday evening dinner we went 'Pioneer Woman' last night for dinner and desert. Warning: when preparing Pioneer Woman recipes expect a high calorie intake.

Pre-cake picture.

Post-cake picture.

Lasagna making. I love my husband.

I hope you're weekend was as wonderful as mine. Have a great week!

Happy Monday.


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  1. Harry Harry Harry.....and scrapping....HEAVEN!!!!

    sounds like an awesome weekend :)