Monday, December 27, 2010

Home again, home again...

It has been a hectic week. I love going home to Newfoundland but at the same time I miss the peace and quiet of my life in Ottawa. There have more family visits than I can shake a stick at. Every time I turn around someone wants me to go somewhere to visit somebody. Staying with your parents-without your husband-is not all it’s cracked up to be! Especially when you have a brother to deal with and a car to share. I miss my couch, my quiet apartment and I miss Brenda, our car.

I miss my husband. He’s here-10 minutes away at his own house. But, it’s not the same as living in our apartment. This is the first time i’ve gone home and truly felt like a visitor. I don’t live in this room any more. I think I would go nuts if I had to. Maybe in my “old age” I’ve settled into my own ways of doing things, my routines, in my own home making it difficult to go live with somebody else for two weeks.

I also forgot that coming home means seeing everyone on planet earth that you went to high school with, danced with, played with on your old street, etc. I have bumped into so many people this week that I have not seen in years and while that’s all fine and dandy I yearn for the obscurity of Ottawa where I can look like a dirtbag at the grocery store because nobody knows me anyway.

Tomorrow things might calm down a bit. I certainly hope they will. I can’t keep going at this pace anymore. Too many people, too many visits, and wayyyyy too many cooked dinners. Somebody get me a steak-i’m over turkey and ham thank you very much!

On my to do list this week:

-get a webcam for my parents & set up skype
-eat lunch at The Cellar downtown with M
-make plans for New Years
-return/change a few things for Mom when she goes back to work
-cook dinner for the girls tomorrow night

If I can get all that done I’ll be content. Hope you’re enjoying your holidays! A belated Merry Christmas!


P.S: My December Daily fell off the radar this last two weeks. Let’s just say I changed it, altered it and it’s partially done up to the 17th. I’m planning on working on it when I get back in January. I’ll post pictures here some time in the new year.

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