Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Yesterday's post was a bit of a downer huh?! Well, nothing perks a girl up like an evening with her best friends.

Tonight I had all the girls over for dinner and chats. Tonight was filled with baby talk, camp talk, boy talk-you name it! It was wonderful. I love catching up with everyone and finding out about boys and life. I wish I were closer to them more of the time. I hate that we all live so far from one another. It doesn't help that I'm the worst at staying in contact with them! Life gets so hectic but that shouldn't be an excuse! This years resolution is to contact them more-skype, phone dates, whatever it is!

I am so very thankful to have so many lovely women in my life whom I love dearly and truly understand me. It's not an easy thing to find-friends who accept you despite all your quirks. I miss them already!


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