Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

And Happy Blogiversary to me!

It’s been a wild season for us. Our ‘vacation’ in Newfoundland was full of visiting and eating, and more visiting and eating and some more eating. I love going home but I'm exhausted (and still very full) and I’m looking forward to this weekend to recuperate and adjust to school life all over again.

In other news, last year one of my goals or resolutions was to begin-and sustain-a blog. Success! It’s been one year since I began this blog. While my time spent blogging has been short it’s been an invaluable tool for recording life and for that I am very grateful.

That being said, I can’t believe it’s already January 7th. Where did the week go? Where did the season go?

Let’s start with a recap of last year’s goals and resolutions.

Last year I was very ambitious and identified 12 goals-one for each month-for myself surrounding my word for the year ‘possibility’. In September I reviewed my goals and set out to accomplish the last few items.

So here’s the year-end progress report and what I got out of the goals themselves:

Create and maintain a blog: Check-one year anniversary this month!

This has been harder than I thought it would be. But I love the results of putting my work out there for others and going back to see what was going on throughout the year is neat. I don’t journal so this provides some form of therapy for me more often than not.

Run & finish a half-marathon with Matthew: Check!

Our run in May was probably the hardest aerobic activity I’ve ever done. I did enjoy the ‘team building’ of running with my husband though. After that race I felt on top of the world. I can truly call myself a runner now which is something I am very proud to say.

Complete the Ali Edwards course Yesterday & Today: Check!

I’m usually really good at meeting deadlines. Especially where courses are concerned but this course fell by the wayside. I took another course offered by Kelly Purkey in May and didn’t keep up with that one either. So, I’ve decided until I have lots of time to devote to a class I won’t be taking any more of them!
Read 12 'serious' books: Check!

This is one goal I really enjoyed this year. I read a lot of great books this year-more than 12 of them even. I have a stack of about 12-15 more that I want to read in 2011.

Learn to sew using my sewing machine: Check!

I think learning to sew has been cathartic. I had to recognize though that sewing projects are not like scrapbooking pages where they can come together in under an hour. It takes much longer to make a quilt and squeezing that activity into one night is stressful and no fun for anyone! I’m still learning some tricks to my machine and plan to use it more for projects and scrapbook layouts!

Take a photography course: Check!

Lately, I’ve been doing more exploring with the techniques of my camera. It’s been fun tinkering with it. I’ve also learned to step back from the camera and live life. I took less pictures this holiday season because I felt like I just wanted to live it instead. I’m also getting better at using a variety of media-iphone, instax, dslr, hand held camera.

Send in a scrapbooking submission: Check!

I did this. Every so often I choose to have a look at deadlines but really I create for myself not for others. Would it be awesome to have something published? Heck yeah! But do I depend on it? Nope. Also, I want to spend my free time scrapbooking not scanning and sending in layouts and mini albums. Maybe my tune will change if I find more time in my hectic schedule.

Save enough money to look for a home of our own: Check!
We’re on our way! There’s been lots of saving and our bank balance is slowly but surely rising! I’m excited but terrified for this stage of life. I can’t wait to decorate my own house and have a real home of our own. At the same time, the financial burden of a house terrifies me!

Be halfway through my Masters: Check!
After a tumultuous term I have officially finished 6 courses bringing me more than halfway through my M. Ed program. Most of my courses have been good. Some have elicited some tears but they’re all done. I’m working on the next few now.
Attack technology: a.k.a Mac, ipod and the Smartboard: Check!

I think I’ve managed to increase my technological competence this year. I have a few tricks up my sleeve for school this term having to do with the internet and some fun activities and projects for the kids to display their work.

Goals I'm still working on...

Do a layout/day: Well, let’s just say this is a significant amount of work. I made it 7 days in March and 13 days in October but alas it did not fit into my schedule no matter how hard I’ve tried. I don’t feel bad though because I managed to make 88 layouts this past year and 11 mini-albums. While this was a goal, it was a lofty one for me!

Conquer Photoshop: Maybe ‘conquer’ was a really strong word! I’ve learned a few tricks in photoshop through Scoot Kelby’s book but have I conquered it yet? Nope. Does any amateur ever conquer photoshop? I don’t know! This goal is a work in progress.

All in all I think that’s a pretty successful year. I don’t feel bad about not finishing entirely. I did my best and that’s all I can ask of myself. I think it's important to reflect on life and what you got out of your goals, where they led you before embarking on new ones. While most of these goals have been met that doesn't mean their gone for good. Many of those goals are things I've integrated into my life and will continue to work on this year and for many years after.

Enough self-reflection. If you've made it this far-congrats! Stay tuned for this year’s ‘one little word’ and my goals for 2011-they aren’t nearly as intense as 2010’s goals.


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