Friday, January 7, 2011

2011-5 For Friday

Good evening!

This is the first 5 for Friday for 2011. I would like to dedicate this 5 for Friday to my friends and family in Newfoundland. Here's 5 of my favorite moments from our vacation home...

1. So M's Grandad and I had a lovely date together on the 23rd. We went to Clovelly Golf Club for a lunch buffet. I'm pretty sure he had a good time and I know I did.


2. That night we headed to M's aunt's for her annual tree trimming party. Trying to get a shot of us (Me, M and his bro) is difficult. They are a family who shy away from the camera. I love this because Grandad got in there in the background with the pool cue! So funny! Yes, the photo is fuzzy. Is it the best one of us? Nope. But I love it dearly!


3. This is hilarious. That's M's Dad. He looks like he's praying to the dilapidated star on top of the tree. There were some *ahem* performance issues for the star this year. I love this photo!


4. Then there's this guy-my brother. He made the trek all the way from Whistler, BC to spend Christmas with us. And yes, he grew all that hair. He's a snowboarder-can you tell! We were so happy to have him home!


5. New Year's-enough said. It was great. We visited some friends and hung out and had great chats. Here's a few of the best shots of the night...


me and M.


the boys-don't ask what their doing.


J-my brother in law. He was enjoying himself!


OMG! This was hysterical! So Mark, one of Matthew's oldest friends, has a broken futon. Well, this information led to stories from a few university experiences of people being 'tacos' wherein they be folded up and carried around in the mattress. Well, our friend Erica lay down on the couch not long after midnight for a little rest and she very quickly became a taco! J was loving every minute of it! Amazing!

It was a busy vacation but it was a good one. Of course these and many more photos have been developed to be scrapbooked to chronicle the end of our year! Gotta love it!

Have a great weekend!


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