Friday, February 11, 2011

5 For Friday

So it's Friday again. M & I were just discussing how FAST the last 6 weeks have gone. It feels like we only just celebrated the first moments of 2011. But, here we are!

Here's this weeks 5 for Friday.

1. I found this blog: In A Creative Bubble and I LOVE it. Her layouts are inspiring. They are detailed and combine so many papers and bits-i love it. Her style reminds me of Kelly Purkey’s who I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

2. Looking around I've been very inspired by other peoples blog layouts. So this weekend I’ll be working on a little blog reconstruction, a facelift if you will, so excuse me if it all looks like a mess!

3. I plan on making red velvet cupcakes this weekend. I also want to have a cupcake party with mini-cupcakes and tea. I started this cute little project on Wednesday that I hope to add to my cupcakes! ;)



4. I DID deal with those overflowing albums. I separated 2010 into {part 1} & {part 2}. But I still have no idea what to do with layouts that I make NOW that are for 2010. There are no spaces for more layouts so do I just add them to the end of the {part 2} album and wait until the next time I reorganize the albums?! Uhhhh!




5. I’ve made a decision to submit some of my work. I have a list of calls and magazines and publishers who I want to send some of my work to. But it seems that it’s all two seasons I guess what i’m wondering is do you use old photos with new product? Obviously, yes. But I guess I’m realizing I am usually a chronological scrapbooker and that means I’m ‘in the moment’ as opposed to two seasons ahead. I guess I’ll have to go back and dig through some old photos for inspiration.

Have a wonderful weekend! We have a busy weekend filled with friends who are visiting from out of town! Hopefully there will be lots of fun photos to scrapbook from this weekend!


P.S: There will be a Project Life update at some point this week as well. Got some great shots this week and I'm looking forward to putting them all together.


  1. i SO agree with you on KP and i'm THRILLED that you are going to submit - love love love your style girl!

  2. Love Geralyn's work and blog too-she's very inspiring!
    Definitely submit! I submit old photos as well, even if the date says "2008" somewhere on the layout. I've had a few of those picked up so you never know!

  3. woah - that is a ton of layouts!!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement girls! I'm going to give it a try! I did lots of work to get a few layouts and mini albums ready this past weekend! We'll see!