Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm Overflowing

So I combined some albums this weekend but I think they're a little too full. In fact they are overflowing...So what do I do? I need to reorganize-again. I did this not too long ago.


The two on either end-brown on the left and the Making Memories album on the far right-are bursting at the seams. Ick!

I mean look at this...


This year I'm doing project life so I'm trying to confine all of this year's 'stuff' into one/two/three albums. I tried to do that with the past years layouts but I think I just need more space?! Do I just suck it up and break it into two albums?! I hate buying albums. I would rather spend the money on supplies!

How do you organize your own albums? How many layouts do you usually fit into an album?
Any tips would be greatly appreciated!



  1. I think it's worth spending on the albums that hold your pages (all that hard work deserves a good home!). I cram layouts into American Crafts D-Ring albums and I think I can usually get about 50 pages into each one. At first I organized chronologically, but now I just put them in as they get made and I figure I will organize them at the end of the year. (hopefully!)

  2. I would have to agree with Amy that more albums is good. Do you have a hobby lobby or Archiver's by you. I usually get my American Crafts D ring albums when they are on sale 50% at Hobby lobby or my WRMK albums with a coupon for Archiver's. Cuts way back on cost. And sometimes JoAnn's site has albums for super cheap!
    I only use D rings now for bigger albums because they fit so many more layouts than post bound!

  3. I like the AC D-rings as well, but my layouts are currently sitting in piles all over the place, so you are better off than me!

  4. I hate buying albums too, which reminds me I should get another one too since I have one that is overflowing like that.