Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project: Oh Baby!

I've been secretly working on a little project for a number of weeks.

I have two friends who are about to become Baby Mama's. I'm so excited for them! Of course, I wanted to create something original and special for them and their new bundles of joy.

I can't claim the idea was my own. Susan Weinroth posted just the cutest idea on her blog a while back and it got me thinking about what a great baby gift these would make.

So, I picked up some Joe Fresh onesies and created these....


The idea is that you take a photo of your baby in the onesie each month and make some notes on the month's events, milestones, etc.

The process was fairly simple. 12 onesies+iron-on's (made in photoshop) make this a simple project.


Make sure you follow the instructions for the iron-on's carefully though or you end up with a not-so-perfect outcome. I had to re-do this one because I didn't let the iron-on cool down before I peeled it off.


They are really are just the cutest little baby gift!


Of course I had to give my friends something to put those monthly photos in so I am creating a little 6*6 album for each of them. It's simple and all they have to do is add some notes and a monthly photo to chronicle Baby's first year!

Last night we had a party for one of my friends. She's due on March 18th and about to pop! These were a hit with her and all of our friends as well. I was pleased that she appreciated the effort that went in. I only gave her Part 1: the onesies because Part 2: the album, isn't quite finished yet. I'll post picks of it when it's completed.

This project was fairly simple, inexpensive and it makes for a great original gift too!



  1. THIS IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!! What a lucky pair of new momma's to have such a talented friend like you!!! Might have to steal this idea too someday!!! Really, really cute gift!


    I may try to make some once on mat leave before our little one arrives in April - i lOVE the colours you chose. Lucky friends!

  3. such a great idea! i wish i would have done this for abby... maybe the next one.

  4. That is such a great idea!! Thanks for sharing. I will have to keep this in mind when one of my friend gets preggo :)