Saturday, March 5, 2011

5 for ...Oops! It's Saturday!

In all the March break excitement I forgot to post my '5 For Friday' post! Forgive me for being late but I'm on vacation! ;)

1. Yesterday March Break began! Two whole weeks off. I have a list of house-related things to do before heading out of town on a road trip next Friday for the rest of the break. I am so pumped for my first real road trip.

2. Which brings me to #2! Ali Edwards posted a Workshop entitled "Scrapbook on the Road" on Thursday. I signed up for it. This is on my to-do list this week, completing a little mini-album for our road trip. I'm excited to scrapbook the trip a little as it happens! If you're interested in checking it out click on the icon to the left for "Scrapbook on the Road".

3. This week I've been organizing my photos and challenged myself to find stories to tell that have nothing to do with the initial photo. Take this layout for example- at first glance you might think it's about food, namely s'mores, but it's not at all. (Even though I do LOVE s'mores!)It's about my decision to go back to sleep away camp for one last summer.


I've been going to Iroquois Springs each summer now for the last 9 years. This summer will be one decade of sleep away camp. It's an amazing place and has given me so much to be thankful for. This summer might be the last one and I used this photo as a jumping off point to describe my feelings going into the planning and preparation for this, the last, one.


4. I got my UPS email Thursday telling me that my Studio Calico kit for March is on it's way. That's my kind of happy mail! It should be here by Wednesday. The kit's sold out super fast this month. I didn't order much this month-just a second helping of the main kit paper. I really like the colors of the pattern papers this time around.

5. I'm trying to expand and try some new things in my scrapbooking. I tried doing an 81/2 by 11 page on Craft night this week. I think it turned out okay.


I used a sketch from a layout I really liked online. I used the photo to anchor the journaling and the title.


This was also the first time I used the book stamp and I LIKE it. I found it harder to confine all my business to a smaller design space but I think that's part of the challenge!

Here's my weekend to-do list: (edited)

*buy a new pair of fancy running pants (Done!)
*return a ton of old (and I mean these have accumulated over 2 years) wine bottles that have taken up way too much space above our kitchen cabinets! (Done!)
*work on a little secret project for a few new 'Baby Mama' friends of mine (look for a post on that later this weekend)
*attend a pre-baby party with friends for one of those said 'Baby Mamas'
* SCRAPBOOK (goes without saying right!)



  1. I miss sleep away camp :( ! Absolutely fabulous layouts!...and the thousand s'mores!! Great job!

  2. These layouts are great. I still haven't used my book stamp. No clue how I will use it, but you've inspired me to try!