Saturday, February 19, 2011

Studio Calico: Metropolitan

So on Wednesday at Craft night I managed to put together a few layouts on the floor of Sarah's house. I promised more pictures when I had better light.

Low and behold it was LIGHT out when I got home last night so I took a few pics of those layouts with the journaling as well.

This was the first one...these two, my brother in law and our friend, are gossip queens! They are ridiculous and spent our New Year's party gossiping about everyone at the party. They were too funny!


I like these photos a lot! It's M and his brother-my brother as well. I used the Polaroid stamp and had forgotten how much I loved it! The journaling is hard to see but it's written on the top and bottom of the patterned papers.


We have a long weekend here in Ontario so I have TWO more days of my weekend. I'm hoping to get some scrapbooking done. Stay tuned! We'll see what happens!

Happy weekend!


  1. great pages - i love the titlework on the top one.

  2. Great layouts! I especially love how you put the title on the tickets!