Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Mail!!!

Yesterday was a gooooood day. When I got home there was some serious happy mail at my door.

My new issues of Creating Keepsakes and In Style came and were sitting patiently waiting to be read in the box.


I'm not usually a huge magazine subscription person but my Secret Santa bought me a subscription for In Style for the year as his gift to me. I think that is just so thoughtful and it's like a little reminder of Christmas and every time it appears up in my mailbox! It's a great idea if you need a unique gift for someone!

If that wasn't good enough there was a really, really, big box sitting in front of the door. Now, early this week my husband told me he had 'ordered me a book'. He told me it's something I would never order for myself so I took his word for it and went about my week. Then yesterday here's this box. I opened it and low and behold it's a book alright! It's a "Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream Recipes" Book.


Underneath it was an ice cream maker! He claims he got a great deal and he figured that I couldn't have the book without having an ice cream maker!


There's a little back story you need to know in order to understand all this excitement though. While away on our road trip last week I rediscovered my deep love for ice cream. (It didn't really go anywhere. More like I had to take a hiatus because it isn't so great when you eat pints of it often and yes, I have done that. Multiple times.) We visited the Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory in Vermont and that was it. I was hooked. The love was reignited.


I ate ice cream every single day of our vacation. I had "Late Night Snack" and "Oreo Mint", "Chocolate Cookie Dough" among other flavors. In Boston we discovered a place called JP Licks. I had their Oreo Cake Batter ice cream and contemplated divorcing M to marry the ice cream. It may not be much to look at but words can't describe how delicious it was!


The funny part was that M, who is not really an ice cream kinda guy, was over the moon for this ice cream as well! Now, that was a first! Are you seeing an ulterior motive here for the recipe book and the ice cream maker?! ;)

What I do know is that I have the BEST husband! And tonight I will be making him some homemade ice cream to thank him for being so wonderful!


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  1. That is so freakin cute about the ice cream maker and book!! Have fun!! I love ice cream too and nothing is better than some yummy homemade ice cream!!