Friday, May 13, 2011

Five for Friday

1. Finished reading this book the other night-hilarious.


Don't try reading it in bed though while your husband is sleeping because your uncontrollable shaking in an attempt to stifle your laughter may disrupt his beauty sleep. Looks like this might be the last book I read for a while-my M. Ed course started Monday and I've been knee deep in journal articles ever since.

2. Saw this window display in the mall this week. A little scrapbooking light bulb went off in my head! I'm envisioning polaroids, lots of polaroids, aren't you?

Credit: BCBG Max Azria
3. This magazine has been spotted all over the blogisphere this week. I'm pumped to pick up a copy.

creative spaces
Credit: Creating Keepsakes

4. This morning I discovered that Kelly Purkey has a class up for purchase at Big Picture Scrapbooking. It's called "A Week of Life Lists". I swear we are meant to be friends-I love lists more than anything. There's also just something gratifying about crossing things off your 'to do' list. I'll be taking that one for sure! The best part- it's a self-paced workshop so you can do it WHENEVER you want.

5. I am heading to Iroquois Springs this weekend, my summer home, to talk 'camp' and I can't wait to see this little lady tonight. We have so much fun together! I'm pumped! The best part is I get to head to Manhattan on Sunday evening. I predict delicious food and great company! Next week's 'weekend in photos' might be AWESOME.


Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Beautiful LO! Thanks for sharing!

  2. CUTE layout! Good eye on the window display - that is cool! And thanks for the head's up on Tina's book (laughing while DH is sleeping - lol!)!! Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm reading that book now - love it!

  4. such a fresh and fun LO ! love your style