Thursday, May 12, 2011

Scrappy Thursday

I've finished a few more layouts I thought I would share with you this Scrappy Thursday. I used the same sketch, just slightly altered for both layouts. I focused mainly on the photo placement and orientation but it just goes to show that you can stretch your sketches to make multiple layouts. That's why I love 'em!

Seriously, how happy does he look in that photo? M was delighted to have chowder in a bread bowl in Portland, Maine. It may have been the 'food highlight' of his road trip experience.


This one came together easily with a photo collage. I took the photos in the sketch and added another photo on the bottom then moved it off-centre and stuck a few punched pieces on the edge of it instead of the 12 by 12 page itself. Of course, it too is about food. We ate at Regina Pizzeria in Boston & it was just delightful. It was quite possibly the best Italian pizza I've ever had. Yum.


Happy Thursday! Tomorrow's Friday! Yeah!



  1. Looks like you like food as much as I do! Love two different takes on the same sketch.

  2. These are both great! Love how much journaling you included on the second one!

  3. Great layouts, Krista! :)
    I think sketches are so versatile!!

  4. Love both layouts. I love to use a sketch over and over-so much fun to see how you can change it and make it your own.