Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's Thursday, Thursday, Thursday!

And that's AWESOME.

So last night at the bookstore I arrived, arms loaded, at the cash with a stack of new reads. Here is the stack of said books.


Unfortunately, I didn't notice this book until it was too late.


At that point, my guilty 'credit card conscious' kicked in and said to me "Oh just order it online-you know it will be much cheaper!". So I shall.

But, most importantly, this book is 'AWESOME'. I had a few more minutes to lurk in the adjoining Starbucks and read the first few 'awesome things'. The theory of the book is that basically life is tough but, if you look for them, there are awesome things happening all around us. Here's a sneak of a few of my favorite ones that I noticed just flipping through the book:


If you're a shopper that 'man couch'-you know the one, located just next to the dressing rooms to make his experience that much better-is like gold for any woman who loves to shop!


Gotta love that feeling when you 'beat the man' and fill up just before it goes up! Love that!

And then on the way out the door, as I reluctantly laid the book back on the shelf, I noticed there's a second one-"The Book of Awesome (Even More)". Amazing. I flipped and found this-so true!!!


Something a true scrapbooker can appreciate!

So here's a few 'awesome' moments for me:

*That new book smell when you crack the spine for the first time. It's so good when you just press your nose to the pages and inhale. Love that smell.

*The smell of the pavement just as it starts to rain. That's when you know it's going to be one of those warm spring/summer rains.

*Also awesome is when it starts to rain just as you've finished your run. It's like mother nature waited for you to be done with her before she unleashed her wrath.

Good stuff! What kind of 'awesome' do you favor?

In other news, here's the results of the almost-completed mini album about Montreal.



And here's all the leftover materials-I see a scrapbook on the road coming on for next weekend's trip to New York.


Happy Thursday! Only one more day to the weekend-and that, my friends, IS awesome.


P.S: Happy Cinco de Mayo! We're celebrating tomorrow night with fajitas! Yum!


  1. I love your book selections! I just read some new books myself and am going to post about them as well.

    I especially love your mini-book! I hope you do a tutorial or give a supply list of what you used. I would love to make one of those for my mom.

    Have an Awesome day! :-)

  2. Please let me know what you think of Tina's book. I hear it's pretty funny, but you could be my second opinion. :)

    That Awesome book looks pretty cool!

    can't wait for your mini book!

  3. That book does sound AWESOME! lol

    My list of Awesome:

    a new post on a favorite blog
    a scrappy mag in the mail
    that feeling when you hit the bed and your body is so tired and it feels so good!
    the smell of the night in summer
    the smell of fall
    puppy would seem I like smells :)

  4. LOVE that mini!! The size, the shape, the cute!
    And liking your book picks. I'm dying to read the Tina Fey book - looks like I need to check out the 'awesome' one too :)

  5. i love new books!! and your mini... how awesome is that!

  6. What a BEAUTIFUL book! LOVE it!

  7. Nothing beats the smell of a NEW book!! :) I have two of those on my wishlist already - I'm sure I will be checking out the other ones, including that Awesome one too! :) And...darling mini!! :)

  8. Cool post about your books, need to get that Awesome book! Have a fun day and great end of week!

  9. I've seen that Book of Awesome before; it's pretty sweet :) I love your mini! Can't wait to see the completed pages!

  10. love your mini! your stack of books looks inviting :) i almost left the bookstore the other night with a similar stack...but then refrained after remembering the stack at home i'm currently wading through! happy reading!

  11. I love new books and old ones for that matter. I don't think I will ever get an e-reader I would miss having an actually book in my hands.

    While you are waiting for your book to come in the mail, I thought I would share the blog for the Book of Awesome, which is also awesome:

    The following link is one of my favourites. Scroll past the part about the underwear and get to Neil Parischa's speech about how and why the book of awesome came to be. The video is about 18 minutes but worth the watch.

  12. Don't you just love the bookstore! Your mini album looks great so far!