Friday, September 9, 2011

5 for Friday: Vacation Edition

There have been lots of exciting things this week and I'll admit that I could totally do a list of much more than 5 things that were awesome this week. But, here's my top 5...

1. Our best friends Nicole and Mike got married!!! Yeah they did. And it was wonderful and fun and AWESOME! We wish them all the best and a happy, healthy marriage!


2. We met my new godson-yep, I'm a godmother! He is too cute and such a good baby. I even made Matthew hold him...just for a few minutes though.



3. We saw Shamu and his family at Seaworld. I ate a shamu ice cream bar. When in Rome right?! It was amazing.



4. We discovered this funny sign on International Drive. Anyone wanna tell me what a 'smothie' is?!! Too funny!


5. We got wet not once but twice at two different water parks! We visited Aquatica & Wet and Wild. They were awesome and the weather cooperated for us as well which was nice!


We have a had a great week on vacation but it isn't over just yet! Today we are on our way to NYC. I'm pumped! Then a little surprise visit on Saturday which I'm keeping under wraps...stay tuned for details!

Have a great weekend!

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