Thursday, September 8, 2011

New York, New York: Here I come!

Tomorrow I am on a plane bound for one of my favorite places in the whole wide world: NEW YORK. And while I'm there I'll probably visit the subject of this layout: Magnolia Bakery.

I've had a deep love affair with Magnolia since it's early days featured on 'SATC'. It's kind of an obsession for me. They introduced me to red velvet cupcakes and I've never turned back. This summer I tried 'Sprinkles' and declared that they have a delicious red velvet cupcake-one that might even be better (dare I say it) than Magnolia's. It felt like I was cheating on my husband when I said this out loud to my bf while sitting there stuffing my face at 'Sprinkles'. But Magnolia will always hold a special place in my heart regardless of the taste of their cupcakes!


Details about the layout: So there's afew things I wanted to incorporate here-a grid of photos, a few accucut cupcakes and bakers twine because what says a bakery more than a little bakers twine?! I love, love, love how this one turned out. I used the accucut system to make those little cupcakes-aren't they cute & the letters as well. My new obsession with clouds continues to appear in this layout as well with some more ink and Zing embossing powder. I also bolded some of the words in the journaing to make them stand out a little more!



Here's to cupcakes and is New York afterall. Until tomorrow Magnolia!



  1. Lovely layout...the cupcakes are adorable!

  2. you're making me hungry! Have a good time in NY

  3. I LOVE this page! The red inked edges, the patterned cupcakes - really nice!