Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feeling Inspired?

First of all, thank you to everyone who made some suggestions for my messy photo organization yesterday! I'm still mulling over my system but when I make some decisions I'll be sure to let you know how I've done it. But today i've some some inspiration for you.

I've found some seriously cool ideas this week while wandering the blog scene. Just a few ideas mulling around in my head...

*Octagons-I'm loving this tone on tone look that Davinie created on her layout!

*This layout title "YOU ARE HERE" from Amy Tangerine's blog! Perfect for the vacation photos we took last week!

*Totally going to take this challenge by Liz K. I'm pumped to use my remote. I might even find a cool location here in the city to try it out with.

*Another great title idea here by Gerelyn Sy. It looks like she used a machine but that's her handwriting that she cut out! That rocks!

*I love a good mini album and this one is too cute! I wish I had found it before leaving on vacation because it's size and shape lend itself to a great way of storing memorabilia!

What's inspiring you this week?



  1. Great inspirations Krista, I bookmarked that mini album as it is the cutest thing ever. Don't know that I could ever cut out anything as well as Geralyn did though.

  2. I have been seeing tons of hexagons lately and loving them all over the place! Really cool.