Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I'm struggling with my organizing system for my pics. I’m trying to sort out the best method of sorting and organizing my photos but the programs I’m using aren’t playing nice with one another and I’m pretty sure that I have two, maybe three, copies of my photos scattered all over my computer. My husband cringes at the sight of my current system. Being a computer engineer he sees it as a mess and until recently I saw it as ‘organized chaos’. But, I have to face the facts that it’s just not working.

So I’m asking for advice!

I’m a MAC user first of all. So I have photos in my iphoto because that’s where they automatically go when I plug in the camera. I also have photos in the free google program I downloaded years ago called Picasa 3. I love Picasa because you can make collages with your photos at the click of a button. Then I have some photos in Bridge, the photoshop program, because that was the only way I could quick edit a bunch of photos I wanted to do. Needless to say, it’s a total mess. Nothing really plays nice with anything else-Picasa won’t let you edit anything without first making a copy from iphoto and it’s all just one big disaster! Iphoto won’t ‘sort’ my photo originals-it only shows up looking ‘that way’ in iphoto.

So, how do you organize your photos. What do you do to sort through what you download from your camera(s)?! I’m looking for any and all suggestions-pros, cons, new programs...I’ll accept any ideas at this point.

And just a little teaser of something I'm working on this week...




  1. First, love the cover of your album :)

    Second, I don't have a mac, but I do have a method to sorting my photos.
    I simply download all my photos directly to Picasa and then each month I create a file - so like this month is September 2011. I go through all the photos I took in September and delete any I know I absolutely don't want or need.
    Then I edit (if necessary) and save all the photos I want to print up or love in that monthly file.
    So I save them by month and back them up as well.
    I print a batch up usually each month as well to have hard copies on hand.
    Don't know it that is what you are looking for, but it works for me and keeps me current with backing up :)

  2. Ummm you don't want to know how terrible my organization system is!

  3. I don't have a mac, but this is how I organize my photos...I put them in a temporary dump folder than sort them by year/month. for example I have a folder of 2011 and inside I have Jan, Feb, March etc. Sometimes it is hard to remember where a photo is, but I can usually remember the year and season, so I usually find it pretty quickly :) Let us know what you come up with...I love to see others photo organizing systems :)

  4. I have thousands and thousands of photos on my computer and all of them are super organized. I don't like having my pictures saved in special programs.

    I just have a folder on my computer called PICTURES. Inside I have my photos separated into individual folders by event or theme. I label the folder with a description and date, for eg. "My 25th Birthday at the Temple Lounge (Nov. 6, 2005)" or "Europe (Sept 1-30, 2007)." For something like a trip to Europe where you go to lots of different places, inside the folder I further divide up the pictures into more folders; "Paris, France (Sept 1-3)" and Dublin, Ireland (Sept 4-8)" and so forth.

    For random photos where I may only have 1 or 2 pictures (which aren't enough for their own album) I have a general album divided by year; for eg. "Friends (2011)" or "Family (2011)" and then I change the file name to something more descriptive with a title and date.

    If I make alterations to a picture using Picasa I save a copy in the same album.

    This system works for me. It's easy to go back and scrapbook things because I have the dates and descriptions saved in the titles.

    I'm sorry this is a super long comment but I hope this helps you!

  5. I don't have a great system either, but that summer camp book is super cute!!