Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Christmas in October

So I've been noticing an alarming trend in the "blogisphere" and the internet in general this past week.

There are an alarming number of advertisements for Christmas-related activities going on in the scrapbooking world. Seriously, I'm pretty sure I've counted 4 so far. It's not even Halloween yet! It's like when you go to Costco in September to pick up a few odds and ends for those last minute school supplies and discover that there are trees and wreaths and wrapping paper in the 'seasonal' isle. What?! Now, that being said I'm a pretty die-hard Christmas fan so I'm secretly along for the ride. Don't tell my husband.

So far I've noticed that there's a Holiday Card Bootcamp starting on November 7th by Jennifer McGuire & Kristina Werner & friends. Find info about that one here.

Then there's a Big Picture class that's being advertised called '12 Days of Christmas' which I'm pretty excited for. I'm not usually good at following online classes but I'm going to give this one a shot I think-if it doesn't work out I can always do that layouts after the fact anyways.

Rhonna Designs has all kinds of Christmas digital kits and cards and business here.

And then there's all the chaos surrounding the December Daily album. This year it appears that Ali Edwards-the Dec. Daily Guru-worked in conjunction with Studio Calico to develop a killer kit which includes access to a forum with some sort of access to Ali. I'm pretty excited about that album! I'm saving my pennies and thinking about that kit.

This weekend I was inspired to do some Fall cleaning and organize my scrapbooking cave. I came up with a ton of Christmas-related products that I've added to a little pile for my December Daily. It may be nowhere near Christmas time but I suppose it's time to start thinking about those crafty projects!



  1. I'm checking out these classes, especially the Ali Edwards one. Can't believe Christmas is around the corner. Can't wait to see what you create! :-)

  2. an SC kit for the Dec Daily that has me quite interested :) I am really excited to make my annual halloween mini...and that has me thinking about the Dec daily...I love pulling these books out at putting them out for display at x-mas..the kids and I love going through them. MINI excitement :)

  3. There sure is lots of fun Christmas excitement out there already!

  4. I already have the Christmas bug, but not on purpose. TwoPeas had that dang Christmas card supply sale on and I couldn't pass it up! =)

  5. indeed, it seems to happen earlier and earlier each year

  6. I've noticed that too! On top of it I preordered a Michael Buble Christmas album. I can't even remember the last time I bought a Christmas album LOL!