Monday, October 17, 2011

A Start to the 'Summery'

So I've been working diligently towards my M. Ed. project all week and I've completed a whole section of pages for it. I'll be posting shortly on my project blog with a few more details but thought I would share the first and last year's layouts here on the blog.

Each layout is similar and shares a hand-stitched tag with the number of the year on it. I kept the formula simple so I could bang out 10 of them. Here's the stack-all completed.


Here's summer #1:


and here's summer #10:


As I said, I stuck to a formula adding the tag to the side of the picture. I used a little area above the photo for a little embellishing, repeating the number each time with a little Scenic Route label sticker.

Layout #1:


Layout #2:


Then I added two pattern papers and a long strip of washi tape below the photo section. In most cases I also did a little embellishing on the tag as well.

Layout #1:


Layout #2:


I'm pleased with how they all turned out. That's stage 1 complete.

This week I'll be working on my digital layouts which means I'll be focusing more on the story, and therefore the journaling, for each summer. I anticipate a lot of tears for that stage! Good ones of course.

Check out my project blog tomorrow if you are interested in more details into the process of these layouts and my approach to stage 2: digital layouts and telling your story.



  1. Very nice. I just found your blog today and already love what I've seen so far. St. John's looks like an amazing place to live. So many cool little nooks to eat/shop. Ok - back to this post. I like what you did for the sections. I'm going to read more about your project later today, but from the little I was able to read, this looks like a great project! I love the process of finding inspiration and can't wait to see how it comes along.

  2. I love these pages! Those stitched titles are FAB!!!

  3. I love how you kept everything the same and changed little. I think I would get more pages done if I stick to this formula...I always stray! LOL!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. Wonderful pages! I love the stitched tags.

  5. I love this idea!! Super great and inspiring...

  6. your formula works just beautifully! Love it all

  7. love those layouts, especially the stitched titles...